Few organizations specialize in the complexities of scheduling, managing and coordinating the logistics of relocation.  Understanding the risks of any move, anticipating them, and ultimately planning for contingencies are the best complements to even the best planned relocation.

Investing in a proper plan before physically executing a move is critical.  You must know the implication of removing any desk, cable or computer within your core business.

Boyer Moving will go through the exercise of defining the logical components of each workstation and device.  This process allows our relocation planners to develop a picture and logical sequence of events that must take place in order to accurately reconstruct an environment.  It also helps to flesh out the logical and physical dependencies that equipment and computer systems have on one another.

While planning your new site layout, we keep in mind the opportunity for improvements and the ability to correct shortcomings that may develop over time.  Once our pre-move plan is in place, many organizations find opportunities to gain increased efficiencies, such as those that come from consolidating physical systems.

Talk to one of our relocation experts today, once we build a custom plan specific to your needs, you will not believe how easy it is to go forward.