Boyer Moving and Storage is one of San Diego’s leading moving, storage and relocation project management companies. Working with some of the cities best-known and most demanding businesses, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering efficiently planned and executed projects.

Whether you’re moving your head office, a single department or the entire organization, Boyer is driven by our clients’ needs.  We are able to provide Consultancy, Project Management and Turnkey solutions tailored to your requirements.  Boyer has the ability to manage every element of the process, from pre-move file and IT audits to furniture relocation and installations.

We are equally capable of working alongside an in-house team or managing the entire project from start to finish. Either way, our aim is the same - to make even your most complex relocation project on-time, on budget and trouble-free.

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Office Furniture Installation

An experienced Boyer project manager will assemble just the right size team– each member trained in manufacturer’s specifications. From the moment we start an office furniture installation, the project manager will handle all estimates, coordination and communication throughout the job cycle – working in harmony with other vendors.

Maintaining business continuity is the prime concern for clients. Boyer's carefully managed installation process works with the client to allow a painless and swift transition for any business. Here's how we do it:

• Installation of New Furniture
• Space Planning for Internal Moves
• Dismantling and Re-erecting Existing Furniture
• Phased Moves
• On-Site Supervision
• Furniture Installations include Cleaning and Repair

We understand the benefits of correctly installed, ergonomically designed work environments. Boyer's carefully managed installation process works with our clientele, to allow a painless and swift office transition.

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